Bio Cleaner for Reptiles

Turtles and Amphibians release a great deal of waste into their environment. Consequently their habitats require considerable maintenance to control the build up of solida and maintain water clarity.

Aristopet Bio Cleaner for Reptiles contains highly concentrated, selected natural microorganisms (Bacteria) responsible for establishing and maintaining biological action necessary for cleaning fresh water naturally.

After use of Aristopet Bio Cleaner for Reptiles millions of natural micro organisms act simultaneously to eliinate the build up of organic wastes i.e., faeces, uneaten food and other disoolved organic debris as well as toxic ammonia and nitrite.

Aristopet Bio Cleaner for Reptiles also helps reduce the fomation of algae naturally by competing for nutrients used by algae for their growth.

  • Concentrated beneficial bacteria cleans habitat naturally
  • Removes organic wastes and odours
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Safe for reptiles and amphibians

125ml Bottles