Ticks on your Dogs

Do you know how to recognise ticks on your dog?

Bringing Home a Rescue or Foster Dog

Our tips for bringing home a rescue or foster dog. It's a fantastic opportunity to give a pup a second chance.

Heartworm in Dogs

Dr Alice Marshall explains how your dog may get heartworms, and how to help prevent them.

How To Stop a Puppy from Chewing

Destructive chewing can cause significant damage so it’s important to know how to prevent it.

Can Your Dog Read Your Mood?

Haven you noticed that dogs can read your moods?

Links between Pet Behaviours and Common Parasites

Being able to recognise the signs and symptoms of parasites will ensure you can treat them appropriately.

Toxic Items in the Home

Is it just chocolate that you need to be mindful of?

Puppy Vaccination Schedule

A simple guide to plan vaccinations for your puppy.

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