Dog Tick Treatments

Protect your pet with Australian-made ticks treatments for dogs.

At Aristopet, we believe that no pet should suffer needlessly from ticks and other parasites. Our premium quality tick treatments and flea treatments for dogs are made right here in Queensland and we’ve spent decades perfecting our animal health products for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and more. We believe in empowering Australian pet owners to provide the best possible care for their furry best friends.

The importance of effective tick treatments for your dog’s health

A parasite infestation can quickly make both you and your dog miserable. With ticks, year-round preventative treatments are the best defence for your pet. Regular treatments will help prevent your dog from getting an infection, and also help stop any associated irritation and health issues from tick infestations.

In Australia, one of the most dangerous tick-borne illnesses is tick paralysis, also known as tick poisoning. Tick paralysis can cause respiratory difficulties such as heavy breathing, retching, gagging and grunting as well as neuromuscular problems such as difficulty walking and impaired coordination.

What is the best tick treatment for dogs?

The most effective way to protect your pet is through prevention. The best tick treatment for specialist tick treatment for puppies if you have a young dog or a flea and tick spot on treatment for small dogs up to 10kg if you own a small breed like a Pomeranian or Jack Russell.

If you own a larger breed like a Golden Retriever or Labrador, they’ll need a more powerful tick treatment, in which case we recommend a Flea and Tick spot on Treatment for Dogs 20kg to 40kg. By using the right topical tick treatment on your dog you can repel dangerous ticks and keep your dog happy, healthy and comfortable all year round.

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