Kitten Flea Treatments

Keep your kitty feeling happy and healthy with our range of kitten flea treatments.

Fleas can infest even the smallest and youngest kittens — whether they like to roam in the backyard or whether you have other pets, fleas can make their way indoors on your pets, on your clothing or even on your shoes. Fleas can quickly make you and your pets miserable, so it’s important to keep up with regular kitten flea treatments to keep everyone feeling happy and healthy.

At Aristopet, we’ve created a range of gentle and fast-acting kitten flea treatments to send parasites packing! From convenient sprays and powders to all-in-one spot-on treatments for fleas, heartworm and worms, we have affordable, effective options to keep your kitten free of fleas.

Browse through our collection and find us in-store today! Our products are available in pet stores across Australia.

Our kitten flea treatments

Fleas can make your kitten itchy, irritated and all-around unhappy, which is why we’ve developed a range of fast-acting kitten flea treatments to eliminate parasites from your kitten’s life.

  • Spot-on treatments for kittens — We offer two spot-on treatments for kittens: our Flea and Lice Spot-On Treatment and our Flea, Heartworm and Worming Treatment. Fast-acting and effective, these treatments kill all flea stages for at least one month and prevent flea reinfestation, so you can rest assured knowing your kitten is protected!
  • Flea and tick rinse for kittens — Our flea and tick rinse is extra concentrated to prevent fleas and prevent the attachment of ticks on cats for up to three days. This gentle acting insecticide contains natural pyrethrins from chrysanthemum flowers, leaving a fresh floral scent on your pet, their bedding and their favourite sleeping spots.
  • Flea and tick shampoo for kittens — For the kitten who loves to splash around in the sink or the bathtub, our flea and tick shampoo will make treatment easy! Our shampoo contains natural pyrethrins to control fleas and adult brown ticks while leaving your kitten’s fur soft and smelling fresh.
  • Flea and tick spray for kittens — Our flea and tick spray (with insect growth regulator) is extra convenient for treating kittens, their bedding and their favourite sleeping spots for fleas. Simply spray the treatment onto your kitten’s fur and fluff the hair so that it reaches the skin — your kitten will be protected for up to seven days.
  • Flea powder for kittens — Flea powder is an affordable and convenient way to treat your kitten for fleas. Just sprinkle some powder onto your kitten's body and brush it through their fur — make sure it makes contact with the skin. You can also use the powder on your kitten’s bedding. Repeat once a week for best results.

Our kitten flea treatments are available in Aussie pet stores like PETstock, Petcircle, Petbarn and My Pet Warehouse — find an affordable treatment option with Aristopet today!

Are Aristopet flea treatments safe for kittens?

Absolutely. The insecticides we use are derived from natural sources like chrysanthemum flowers, meaning our kitten flea treatments are fast-acting and effective but also safe for animals. For your kitten’s ultimate safety, we recommend starting flea treatments once your kitten is eight to 12 weeks old (depending on the product — please read the instructions before treating your kitten).

How fast do kitten flea treatments work?

Our kitten flea treatments start working right away but it will take 24 hours to kill all the fleas on your kitten.

How do I know if my kitten has fleas?

Fleas are very easy to spot on a kitten. Fleas are around the size of a pinhead and reddish-brown in colour — plus, they run and jump around in your kitten’s fur, so they’re hard to miss. You might also spot “flea dirt” on your kitten’s skin that looks a bit like salt and pepper. This is actually flea feces and will turn a dark red colour when wiped onto a damp cloth.

You should also keep an eye out for symptoms like excessive scratching and grooming, more hairballs than usual, general irritability and growling, skin lesions, lethargy, muscle loss and hair loss.

Find our kitten flea treatments in pet stores across Australia! Affordable, fast-acting and super effective.

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